Our mission is to promote the education, enjoyment, science and stewardship of native wildflowers and their habitats

WAM Educational Grant Criteria

Below is a list of criteria which must be met by applicants in order to be considered for a WAM grant. Please use these to develop your grant proposal.

  1. A submitted proposal must contain a completed application form filling in each section like an essay test. The total proposal should not exceed 3 pages, not including the drawn plan, pictures and letters of support.
  2. Proposals will be evaluated on:
    1. the impact on educating Michigan citizens, particularly youth
    2. the adherence to the mission of the Wildflower Association of Michigan which states: By increasing awareness and knowledge, the Wildflower Association of Michigan encourages the preservation and restoration of Michigan's native plants and native plant communities.
    3. the overall feasibility of the project
    4. provisions in place for the maintenance of the planting.
  3. Applicants may request no more than $1000 for project support. Monies received may be used:

    1. primarily for seeding or planting the site with species of Michigan native origin; and then secondarily for:
    2. continuing site maintenance and care of an existing native planting, including mulch
    3. the enhancement of an existing site with species of Michigan native origin.
    4. site preparation,
    5. labeling or signage of the project.

  4. Monies received may not be used for travel, salaries, or overhead. An accounting of all monies must accompany the Final Project Report.
  5. A written Final Project Report of the work done in the spring and fall of the year in which the grant was awarded, including pictures, is required of all grant recipients. This report (see the following Final Project Report outline) should be submitted no later than December 1, 2018, to the WAM Grants Coordinator.
  6. All publicity generated for and received by the project must acknowledge the Wildflower Association of Michigan.
  7. Please email the application form and all other supporting documents to: wamgrants@gmail.com.

Applicants will be notified by email when their application is received.